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Asian Collaborative Trophy



2019.2.23<Sat> - 2019.2.24<Sun>


 Tournament result (Last update: 2019.3.1)

Tournament result

Find all results from "ACT2019 Results" button.

Detailed Schedule (Last update: 2019.2.11)

Day 1 Feb. 23 (Saturday)

◆Door open: 7:30      ◆Opening ceremony:  13:00

◆​U14 Men's Epee

Call: 8:00-8:30         Start poules:   9:30     End:18:45

◆U14 Women's Epee

Call: 9:45-10:15       Start poules:11:15     End:18:45

◆​U14 Men's Sabre

Call: 8:00-8:30         Start poules:   9:00     End:18:45

◆​U14 Women's Sabre

Call: 12:15-12:45     Start poules:14:30     End:18:45

U12 Men's Epee

Call: 8:00-8:30          Start poules:   9:00    End:14:30

◆U12 Women's Epee

Call: 8:45-9:15          Start poules:10:15     End:14:30

U12 Men's Sabre

Call: 8:00-8:30          Start poules:  9:00     End:18:45

◆U12 Women's Sabre

Call: 8:00-8:30          Start poules:  9:00     End:14:30

U10 Mixed Epee

Call: 9:45-10:15        Start poules:11:15    End:18:45

・Notice for U14 Women's Sabre event

In order to adjust the number of participants, we decided to grant the top 4 players of U12 Women's Sabre the right to participate in the U14 Women's Sabre. If there are players who do not wish to participate in the U14 Women’s Sabre serving out of the top 4 players, the participation right will be carried down to the next runner. No entry fee will be charged for participating in U14 of these athletes.

Day 2 Feb. 24 (Sunday)

◆Door open: 8:00     

U14 Men's Foil

Call: 8:00-8:30         Start poules:   9:30     End:18:15

◆U14 Women's Foil

Call: 9:30-10:00       Start poules: 11:00     End:18:15

U12 Men's Foil

Call: 8:00-8:30         Start poules:   9:30     End:18:15

◆U12 Women's Foil

Call: 9:30-10:00       Start poules: 11:00     End:18:15

U10 Mixed Sabre

Call:11:00-11:30     Start poules: 12:30     End:18:15

◆U10 Mixed Foil

Call: 8:00-8:30        Start poules:   9:30     End:18:15

Parking (Last update: 2019.2.11)

About use of parking lot

Parking lot is available for participating players.

If you wish to use the parking lot, please download the parking permit from below "Download Permission”, fill out the necessary items on the one printed out, and then the Please present it to the dashboard in your car in parking lot.

In case



There are limitations on the number of cars that can be parked. Please use nearby coin parking if parking lot are full. There are several coin parking within walking distance.



Location: Itabashi-ku Sakae-cho 6 (Itabashi Ninth Elementary School grounds ground)

2 minutes by walk from the competition venue


About the Asian Collaborative Trophy

The Asian region’s youth fencing population has been steadily increasing in the recent years – and it is going to continue to do so, with the largest population of young people in the world concentrated in the Asian Region. 

That being said, there has unfortunately been a lack of tournaments for younger fencers, with athletes under 14 being hit the hardest. With inadequate facilities, and the lack of the most basic framework, this is not the ideal situation for any young athlete who aspires to be a star one day.

The ACT series was started by the Asian Youth Fencing Board (AYFB) to fill this gap and has successfully held competitions in Tokyo and Hong Kong in 2018 with more than 700 athletes competing. 

Through this collaboration, our mission is to provide opportunities for lasting relationships and successfully build up world-class athletes. 


Wong Tsan, Emura Koji

Asian Youth Fencing Board, 2018.10


Asian Collaborative Trophy Official Partner

HongKong Fencing School

Asian Collaborative Trophy Official Supplier


Competition guidelines

Competition Name

Asian Collaborative Trophy 2019

Competition President

Osamu Takada (President of Itabashi Ward World Athlete Training Support Association)





Hong Kong Fencing School

​Supporting Organizer

Itabashi Ward World Athlete Training Support Association (expected)


Itabashi Ward 3rd Junior High School Gymnasium (22-22-3 Hikawachō, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0013 JAPAN)


[2/23 Saturday]

Age Categories: 


   Boys Epee  

   Girls Epee

   Boys Sabre  

   Girls Sabre 


   Boys Epee

   Girls Epee

   Boys Sabre

   Girls Sabre


   Mixed Epee


8:00 Venue Open

8:30 Registration/Calls Start

9:00-18:30 Competition

[2/24 Sunday]

Age Categories:  


   Boys Foil  

   Girls Foil


   Boys Foil 

   Girls Foil


   Mixed Sabre

   Mixed Foil

8:00 Venue Open

8:30 Registration/Calls Start

9:00-18:30 Competition

*more detailed information will be uploaded at a later date (

Competition Formula and Regulations


1 Round of pools (up to 30% will be eliminated before DE’s)

Direct Elimination Rounds


All categories will have 5-touchbouts in pools.

All U10/U12 categories will have 10-touch direct elimination rounds. 

All U14 categories will have 15-touchdirect elimination rounds.


All equipment must meet official FIE regulation except:

  • Competition clothes and masks: 

    • Each mustbe rated for at least 350N and have a visible “CE” mark. 

  • Foil masks:

    •  In the U10/U12 categories, both electric and non-electric bibs are permitted. 

    • It is also permitted to cover electric bibs with tape. 

  • Blade Length:

    • In U10 foil, the maximum allowed is a Size 3

    • In all other weapons and categories, all blade lengths are permitted. 

*Please make sure all equipment is in safeand workingcondition BEFORE the competition. 



Certificate of Participation: All competitors

Diplomas: Top 8 places

Medals: Top 3 places (there will be no bout for bronze. Instead, there are twobronze medalists)


[Competition Language]

English and Japanese


[Anti-Doping Regulations]

Will be enforced in accordance with the latest WADA codes.

Competition Age Categories and Participation Eligibility

[Individual Competitions]

  • U14

    • Boys foil

    • Girls foil

    • Boys sabre

    • Girls sabre 

    • Boys epee

    • Girls epee

  • U12

    • Boys foil

    • Girls foil

    • Boys sabre

    • Girls sabre 

    • Boys epee

    • Girls epee

  • U10

    • Mixed foil

    • Mixed sabre

    • Mixed epee


[Participation Eligibility]

U14: Born after2005/1/1

U12: Born after2007/1/1

U10: Born after2009/1/1

*younger fencers are also permitted to “fence up” in all age categories

Ex: A U10 fencer can fence in U14 but a U14 fencer can’t fence in U10

Entry Fees

One fencer, per event is JPY 5000 or USD 45

*Only fencers from OUTSIDE Japan are permitted to pay in USD

*This includes very basic accident insurance

*Payments must be made after registration. For further details, consult [Registration] below.

*Once an entry fee payment is made, under no circumstances can it be refunded – even if the fencer can’t participate in the competition.

*If the upper limit for registered competitors is met, registration may be closed even if it is before the entry deadline. 


Registration for Competitions

Before Entry

Before registering, please make sure you are able to receive e-mails from the following 2 domains:

Domain 1:

Domain 2:

*In the past, some have experienced problems with spam filters preventing the delivery of important messages. 

Entry Process

  1. Navigate to the entry page by clicking the “Enter Now” button below.

  2. Enter the required information

  3. You will receive payment instructions within 3 business days via e-mail. 

    • Please ensure you make the payment within 10 daysof receiving the e-mail detailing payment information. 

    • You will be responsible for any transaction fees incurred.

    • After payment has been confirmed, there will be a confirmation e-mail sent to your registered e-mail address. 

    • If you have not received a confirmation e-mail within 5 business days of your payment, please contact us using the information below:


                        Phone: (+81) 03-4405-5722 {ACT2019 Office within EXDREAMSPORTS}

Registration Period

1st Period of Registration: 2018/10/13 ~ 2018/11/30

2nd Period of Registration: 2018/12/10 ~ 2019/1/18


*If the upper limit for registered competitors is met, registration may be closed even if it is before the entry deadline. 

*If you wish to enter we recommend you do so soon. 

Information for Those Living Outside of Japan

If you live in Hong Kong or Taiwan, you are required to register by country through an agent we select. 

The countries for which an agent is required may change. 

*For further information, please contact our offices at:


     Phone: (+81) 03-4405-5722 {ACT2019 Office within EXDREAMSPORTS}

If you live in countries other than the above and have difficulty wiring money to a Japanese account, you may also make an online credit card payment. If you would like to pay online via credit card, please contact us.  


Accommodation and Visa support

Hotel Booking

This competition does not have an official hotel. 

If you would like assistance booking a hotel for the competition, you are able to book through our official travel agent “Kamome Tours”. However, there will be no support desk for athletes, result services, or official transport to the venue within the hotel. 


Kamome Tours (Kamome Corporation)

Phone:  +81-3-3506-0747 - Ask for “Fukuda”, who is in charge of competition booking


Visa Assistance

If you require a visa to enter Japan and need certain documents from the competition organizers, both EXDREAMSPORTS and AYFB are available to provide the specific documentation. 

Because both creating the documents and obtaining a visa can take time, please make sure you contact our offices as soon as you can after registration.


Access to the Venue

Competition Venue

Itabashi Ward 3rd Junior High School Gymnasium (22-22-3 Hikawachō, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0013 JAPAN) 

Information on Public Transport

Toei Mita Subway Line: 

  • 5-minute walk from “Itabashihoncho” Station (板橋本町)

  • 5-minute walk from “Itabashikuyakushomae” Station (板橋区役所前)

Toubu Tojo Line:

  • 10-minute walk from “Ooyama” Station (大山)

If You Wish to Attend Using a Car

You will be required to have a parking pass to take advantage of the venue’s parking area. We will be posting further information regarding this matter at a later date, so please check back. 

If the number of car users exceed the available spaces, a lottery system may be used to determine parking privileges.  

Further Notes

Photography and Media Inside of the Competition Hall

  • Photography and video recordings are permitted as long as they are for personal use. 

  • Individuals or groups who intend to sell the photographs/videos will not be allowed in the venue.

  • Media/press who have been pre-approved by EXDREAMSPORTS and AYFB will be on-site.

  • When you are inside the venue (the main hall and lobbies – all public spaces), the organizers are in possession of all personality rights, and athletes are not allowed to claim personality rights or related privacy rights. 

  • EXDREAMSPORTS, the AYFB, and all related official partners will only be recording/photographing for open reporting purposes as well as usage in future advertisements. 

To media and press related persons:

 If you wish to record, photograph, or otherwise attend the event with intent to distribute, you are required to attain the proper credentials. Please contact us using the addresses listed below:



      Phone: (+81) 03-4405-5722 {ACT2019 Office within EXDREAMSPORTS}

Privacy Policy

Any information obtained during registration or during the competition will be used strictly in accordance with the privacy policies of EXDREAMSPORTS and AYFB. 

The information will ONLY be used for purposes listed below:

  • Organizational communication between EXDREAMSPORTS, AYFB, and other parties who have signed strict non-disclosure agreements with the competition organizers. 

  • Any information provisions in the future from EXDREAMSPORTS or AYFB concerning future competitions, specific sports events, related sports services, or future products. 

  • Providing segmented data of which participants are unidentifiable to outside parties, including but not limited to official partners for research and product development purposes.