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Entry fee

USD50.00 or JPY5000 per fencer per event.

  - Basic sport insurance included.

The fee should be paid at accreditation desk, before participating in the competition, at competition venue on 24 FEB and 25 FEB.

Visa support

Anyone, who needs to apply for entry visa to Japan, should contact us, by email.                      

Accreditation desk

Email :

Phone : +81-3-4405-5722 (9am - 6pm/JST)


U14 : [Born after 1st January 2004]

U12 : [Born after 1st January 2006]

U10 : [Born after 1st January 2008]


Please file your entry through web entry form below;

*Entry form will be available from 12/Jan./2018

 Deadline : 10th Feb 2018

*If the number of applicants exceeds capacity, randomly selected individuals will have a right to participation.

*Although it will allow participation in multiple events, it is limited to one event per day.

*A fencer who live in following countries, we accept registration only through designated agent.

<Hong Kong (HKG), Chinese Taipei (TPE)>  

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